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    Health data permanently available
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    System MedicalBook
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MedicalBook at Hospitalar 2016, Brazil

Our project will be shown at the International Trade Fair for Hospital Equipment & Supplies, Hospitalar 2016.

The new website of the project has started.

Medicalbook systems are designed to store data accurately and to capture the state of a patient across time. It eliminates the need to track down a patient's previous paper medical records and assists in ensuring data is accurate and legible. It can reduce risk of data replication as there is only one modifiable file, which means the file is more likely up to date, and decreases risk of lost paperwork.

Useful information

Who we are?

We develop and operate PEHR (Patient´s Electtronic Health Record) system based on the patient consent (MedicalBook System)

Patients provide us with consent for maintaining and sharing their health data

Patients control who can access their data:

  • Every Health care professional
  • Selected Health care professionals only – others can read with OTP
  • Emergency access

MedicalBook recieves and matches data from 3 sources:

  • Health care professionals (copy/exctract of medical records)
  • Health care Insurances (clinical + reimbursement data)
  • Patients (own records and notes)

The data contains:

Medical history, diagnosis, results of lab and medical examinations, scans, conclusions, recommendations, therapy, medications, expense reports, notes etc.

Please, contact us for the registration

  • Mediware, a.s.
  • Evropská 1655/116
    160 00 Praha6
    Czech Republic
  • E-mail: info@mediware.cz
  • Phone: +420 777 166 546